Things returning to normal – more or less
Life is beginning to back on track. However, the busyness at work has increased greatly so the rate at which I post will continue about the same. What I can promise you is that the will information I provide will be substantial. In other words: No fluff.

Hello and welcome to Not A Tame Lion. If this is your first time here, feel free to wander around a bit and check out both what the site has to offer and what is still have under construction. Initially the blog will be available here online, and as an email newsletter or a RSS newsfeed — your choice. In the weeks and months ahead I will be expanding on this foundation to create a site that will be the place to come to when you want to learn and be challenged professionally on a variety of levels.

I will work to make this information valuable for LabVIEW folks — regardless of how much experience you have our what your specific interests might be. The real target audience for this site are people who enjoy making things work. I want to hear from people who want to be the best they can be at their chosen profession — or at least that part of it involving LabVIEW development.

So click on the link in the header to register. Once registered you can select to automatically receive blog updates as either a newsletter or RSS feed. Plus this same registration will be your key to posting comments, requests, questions or complaints about the blog posts; and will give you access to the SVN repository holding all the code.

One more thing: you can be confident that your email address or other personal information will never be up for sale. I hate receiving spam and I’m sure you do to. besides this site isn’t about making money or drawing people to my “real” business. It’s about learning a craft.

So start clicking — I’ll do my best to keep things relevant and enlightening.


“…after all He’s not a tame lion…”